FACTS: Born? 1989.Where? Linz, Austria.Grew up ? in Gallneukirchen.What are you doing currently? Studying  Biotechnology at the University of Technology in Graz and Medicine at the Medical University of Graz.


BEHIND THE FACTS: How would you characterize yourself?  Realistic dreamer, how loves to travel and to get to know new people. Credo in life? 


Credo in life? You can do whatever you want as long as you don’t limit someone else in his personal freedome. Life is the best gift we got, so we have to open it up, and learn to use this gift. The difference between common goods and life is following: Life gets better the more we dive into it, the more we use it. I guess everyone tries to lead a happy fulfilled life, but the ways to reach this state are different. I like reading, travelling, friends, sprite, mountainbiking, painting etc many many things as you see. I do whatever makes me feel good and I like to share may joy with friends and other people.


Life is...?  biochemically very complex, but easy to handle if you know what you are looking for in life. Maybe knowlegde, maybe answers, maybe something completley different.